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Pinky’s Promise

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Because we know how much you care about your pets, we PROMISE to always take care of them with kindness and compassionate attention. We PROMISE to offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that we will always take care of your beloved companions as if they were our own. So, whether you're away on vacation or on business or just working long hours, you can be assured that Pinky's Pet Sitting will provide professional care and companionship for your pets. RELAX! HAVE FUN... and DON'T WORRY!! Your pets are in good hands...we PROMISE!! You'll be TICKLED PINK!!!

Who is Pinky’s Pet Sitting

We are a small owner-operated business dedicated to providing professional, experienced companionship for your pets.

Cow Smiling for CameraThe owner, Pauline Phillips, is a Registered Veterinary Technician who has experience taking care of a wide variety of animals, large and small. She has a special love and understanding for horses, cattle, and other livestock. She knows how hard it can be to try and plan for a trip wondering who will take care of her two kitties, two doggies, the fish, three horses, the chickie doodles, the get the picture!! That's why she is offering this service. She wants you to feel you can go away for a day or longer knowing that your animals will be professionally taken care their own home.

Call a Professional Pet Sitter

When you can’t take your pet with you, do the next best thing. Leave them home in their own environment to be properly looked after by a professional pet sitter. Call Pinky’s Pet Sitting to schedule.

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